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Browsing the PADI Design Library starts with the lists below of the various parts of an assessment design.

To browse the objects in the library, click on the navigation bar at top, or on one of the links below. Design Patterns and Templates are the top-level choices. Design Patterns provide a theoretical underpinning for design practices, while Templates are the topmost "container" objects, with references to all the other objects. (You can learn more about the design framework from diagrams of the various parts of an assessment, or by reading the glossary.)

Original PADI Objects:

Activity Phases help

Exemplar Tasks help

Student Model Variables help

Design Patterns help

Materials and Presentation help

Task Model Variables help

Educational Standards help

Measurement Models help

Task Specifications help (finished Templates)

Evaluation Phases help

Observable Variables help

Templates help

Evaluation Procedures (rubrics) help

Student Models help

Work Products help


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